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Gray skies turned blue by a New England touch

I am absolutely in love with anything coastal, including all the "faded" colors that make everything seem so cozy and inviting. We are setting up a "pop up" party at a local arts & crafts show this weekend and I decided on a coastal theme after finding Norman Rockwell seaside inspired plates.

The inspiration...

I collect lots of traditional vases which I use with fresh flowers as an inexpensive way to add life. In lieu of fresh flowers you can use herbs, vegetables or fruit as I did on this occasion.

I love painting old jars and stemware for a vintage, home feel. There are many paint options for glass and pottery that can get pretty expensive, especially if you are doing enough for a wedding. I decided to try out a much cheaper method.

I first sanded my glassware with a rough grit paper and then sprayed them with 99¢ matte white spray paint from the home improvement store. I let them dry and used craft paint to achieve a colored layer. They dried overnight and finally I aged them using sandpaper and a wire brush.

The best part of doing these pop up parties is finding all the little things to complete the look. I hardly ever (I won't say never) buy new things, I love the look of old items and using them in an unexpected way.


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