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My House Smells Like Valentine's.

I've been busy with Valentine's but wanted to start posting some pics. Please take inspiration from these and DIY your own special Valentine's bouquets, or take pictures to your local florist.

This coworker to office administrator bouquet was designed using cream roses and purple tulips as my base, then pink & white waxflowers for my filler. I think the waxflower brings out more color then baby's breath would in this bouquet. I finished it off with a navy blue rustic vase, ruffled burlap ribbon and a vintage card.

This husband to wife bouquet has dark pink roses, green hydrangeas, pink carnations, green hypericum berries, fuchsia ruffled tulips, and white/pink Peruvian lilies in a clear cylindrical vase finished with linen and heart burlap ribbon.

Another husband to wife bouquet made with purple irises, lavender tulip, white spider mums, fuchsia ruffled tulips, green hydrangea, pink carnations, cream/pink Peruvian lilies and green hypericum berries in a pink rustic Mason jar and burlap ribbon..

From mother to daughter bouquet with purple tulips, white spider mum, fuchsia ruffled tulips, and waxflowers in a heirloom vase finished with a birthstone ribbon bow.

To mother from both bouquet made with her favorite color as inspiration. This bouquet has purple irises, white spider mum, lavender tulips, pink carnations, cream/pink Peruvian lilies and a single pink rose with a vintage milk bottle vase finished with a burlap bow.

Another beautiful bouquet from a husband to his wife, his only request was a single rose. I've made this one using purple tulips, pink carnations, green hypericum berries, lavender tulips, waxflowers and a single pink rose in a gray vintage Mason jar finished with linen & heart ribbons..

One of a set of three bouquets for caregivers from their loving and grateful cancer surviving hero. I've made this using purple tulips, a white rose, pink Peruvian lilies and waxflowers in a slim cylindrical vase and finished with a simple white bow.

Pt.2 of the bouquets for the caregivers. I used green hypericum berries, pink Peruvian lilies, purple tulips, a pink rose and waxflowers in a vintage cream crock finished with a ruffled burlap bow.

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