February 17, 2015

I won't be sharing a DIY or tip today but instead an online event that I think should be shared and shared again. 

I first heard about Chloe through a friend of the family and it just broke my heart, I can't imagine what her mother could have gone through when she lost her baby girl. I do not know the family personally but as someone who has recently gone through my own loss I feel for this mother. It gets me teary eyed every time I think of it or talk about it but the strength and way this mother chooses to celebrate her daughter's life is just amazing. She is sharing her stories of giggles, bedtime stories and without a doubt some of the best pictures of a child I have ever seen. You can actually feel the love and sunshine coming from the photos and her words. I hope you all take a few minutes to read more about Chloe, her mommy and their story.

The online event is called Brownies for Breakfast, it is being hosted by Chloe's mommy who sadly lost Chloe a few days before Christmas. On...

February 13, 2015

I've been busy with Valentine's but wanted to start posting some pics. Please take inspiration from these and DIY your own special Valentine's bouquets, or take pictures to your local florist.

This coworker to office administrator bouquet was designed using cream roses and purple tulips as my base, then pink & white waxflowers for my filler. I think the waxflower brings out more color then baby's breath would in this bouquet. I finished it off with a navy blue rustic vase, ruffled burlap ribbon and a vintage card.

This husband to wife bouquet has dark pink roses, green hydrangeas, pink carnations, green hypericum berries, fuchsia ruffled tulips, and white/pink Peruvian lilies in a clear cylindrical vase finished with linen and heart burlap ribbon.

Another husband to wife bouquet made with purple irises, lavender tulip, white spider mums, fuchsia ruffled tulips, green hydrangea, pink carnations, cream/pink Peruvian lilies and green hypericum berries in a...

December 20, 2014

Do RSVP to the event with the number in your party.


assume they know you're coming, they don't hence the RSVP.


show up on time or notify the host/hostess that you're running late.


show up fashionably late and disrupt a good party flow, the party shouldn't stop for you.


bring the host/hostess a nice bottle of wine, flowers or scented candle.


show up empty handed. They took time to make a special night for everyone, show them your appreciation.


hang up your coat/purse and ask about removing shoes.


just throw your things down on the furniture and then mark their newly polished, party-ready floor with your winter weather shoes.


notify the host/hostess of any food allergies and tell them if you are vegetarian. 


expect the entire meal to be catered to you, appreciate what they prepared for you.


throw out your own trash, cups etc.


leave a trail of mess around their home to clean up later, they will have enough to do.


mingle with other guests, it's a great way to...

December 17, 2014

In preparation for my own holiday party I thought some dos and don'ts instead of a DIY project would be more useful during this hectic time of shopping and gets togethers.


send out invites 2-4 weeks ahead of time with a request for RSVP including how to do so.


wait until last minute and get disappointed when nobody turns up.


speak to your neighbors before the party and keep their home, driveway & privacy in consideration.

forget to explain to guests where it's OK to park and to be considerate of your neighbors when arriving and leaving.

decide if it's a sit down or loungy party.
forget to put out enough chairs for guests and as a precaution have a few extra.

prepare as much food as possible ahead of time so you're not rushing last minute and don't forget to cater for vegetarians and those with allergies such as gluten.
put out plastic food containers with lids - presenting in a nice dish makes a huge difference and never assume a veggie tray is sufficient.



November 13, 2014

I am absolutely in love with anything coastal, including all the "faded" colors that make everything seem so cozy and inviting. We are setting up a "pop up" party at a local arts & crafts show this weekend and I decided on a coastal theme after finding Norman Rockwell seaside inspired plates.

The inspiration...

I collect lots of traditional vases which I use with fresh flowers as an inexpensive way to add life.  In lieu of fresh flowers you can use herbs, vegetables or fruit as I did on this occasion.

I love painting old jars and stemware for a vintage, home feel.  There are many paint options for glass and pottery that can get pretty expensive, especially if you are doing enough for a wedding. I decided to try out a much cheaper method. 

I first sanded my glassware with a rough grit paper and then sprayed them with 99¢ matte white spray paint from the home improvement store. I let them dry and used craft paint to achie...

November 10, 2014

In keeping with the fall inspired wedding, I decided to do stamped leaf place settings. I used small typography stamps with black ink but if you have better penmanship then I do, or know the art of calligraphy, this could be done beautifully that way as well. 

When you are gathering your leaves look for the freshly fallen, the older they are the more delicate. It helps to have the flatter ones but any shape is fine. 

I hope everyone has been enjoying the warm fall weather, it won't be here for much longer. I decided to keep the leaves as my inspiration for many reasons but the most important one for all my DIY or tight budget brides is...they are free. The leaves are so versatile, you can use them for so much and you can pick them up anywhere.

I went for an art deco typography, I thought it softened the rustic nature of the leaf a bit. Press carefully when you stamp to avoid damaging your leaf too much, it will crack a little but that's ok it only adds to its character. I paired mine...

November 7, 2014

I love all the gold & bronze colors and the crisp organic smell of fallen leaves so I put on my boots and ventured outside for a bag of inspiration.

Because of the size of these beauties I decided to make a garland / table runner.  All that's required in addition to the leaves is a sewing machine or a needle & thread and some patience.

It's best to use a thread color close to that of the leaves but for instructional purposes I've used white.  Start sewing at the edge of the first leaf and continue through until almost at the end then overlap the second leaf.  Repeat until your garland reaches a length that you're happy with.

Use a straight, medium stitch length to prevent perforating the leaves.

When sewing by hand just loop the thread through the overlapping portions of each leaf until securely attached.

The finished table runner wasn't only pretty to look at but also smelled amazing.  This could be used to showcase Fall accessories or your Thanksgiving fe...

November 6, 2014

I am super excited to finally share my ideas with all the DIY brides and anyone else who likes to design parties and events as much as I do. It's been a long ti

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