March 12, 2020​

Updated June 18, 2020

Faded Poppy Weddings


We at Faded Poppy have been following the latest directives of the CDC and the Governor of Virginia and have always taken far more precautions than normal to ensure the well being of our clients and ourselves.

Virginia is currently in Phase 2 which is described as "safer at home".  This asks that travel is limited, groups of 50 or fewer may assemble and face masks & social distancing are required where & when possible.


How does this affect your wedding?

Ceremonies at religious buildings may have half occupancy.  This means that if the religious building is ordinarily rated at 200 people you are legally permitted to have 100 people assemble.  Please note that this does not apply to a non-religious building where an ordained person is performing your ceremony.  For example, if you are marrying at Veritas you are limited to 50 people regardless of whether there is an ordained person present.


The 50 person limit includes everybody onsite including the wedding party, guests, venue workers, vendors etc. and includes the entirety of the site.  The number of rooms being utilized and the amount of outdoor space has no bearing on this number because, as the VA Department of Health described to us, it could be possible for more than 50 of those people to unwittingly assemble in the same room at the same time and therefore be in violation of the law.

The ultimate responsibility of the number of people on site lies with the couple getting married since they are arranging the gathering.

We suggest the following initiatives:

  • inform guests of the number of people that are going to be onsite and how much space they will have

  • ask guests to bring their own masks & hand sanitizer but have plentiful quantities of each on hand

  • designate one or more people to be responsible for routinely disinfecting communal surfaces (do not expect the venue, caterer, coordinator etc. to do this)

  • ensure everybody is given sufficient space (there should be at least 6' between people at all times).  While people seated at the same dining table do not need to be 6' apart there should be at least 6' between occupants of adjacent tables when seated, ie: not when chairs are pushed under the table.  Tables should comprise close family members only that have already been in contact with one another - do not seat strangers or those that had not been together prior to the wedding at the same table

  • masks do not need to be worn while seated at a dining table but are strongly recommended at all other times

  • it has been proven that the virus is predominantly spread in a respiratory manner but that is not to say that it is not spread through touch.  As far as respiration is concerned the quantity of viral particles exhaled is at its lowest through nasal breathing and increases through open-mouth breathing, talking, shouting, singing, aerobic exercise, sneezing & coughing.  As your dining room gets louder and people talk over one another an infected person will be emitting largely quantities of the virus into the air.  As an aerosol these particles can remain airborne for up to 14 minutes (bear in mind too that the virus can survive on steel for 4 days and on glass for 9 days).

  • due to the previous bullet we strongly recommend that guests refrain from dancing but, if this is required, they absolutely should wear a face mask and maintain 6' spacing

We and many other vendors will wear face masks whenever appropriate and will adhere to strict social distancing without exceptions.

We will not attend any event where we know there will be more than 50 people present and will leave if the number of people on site exceeds 50 while we are there.  You should prepare for the same to be true of all your vendors.  You must tell your vendors ahead of time if you are expecting the number of people on site to exceed 50.  Bear in mind this includes the entire catering crew which could easily be 10+ people.  We will not provide a refund if it would be unlawful for us to work at your wedding.

Other considerations

We are frequent hand washers so please excuse us if we disappear to wash or sanitize our hands after contact with a person or object at any location including your wedding.  We are still more than happy to decorate your event space with personal items and pack them up at the end of the night, but we’ll just be more cognizant of germs than usual while doing so.  Please be mindful when packaging your items prior to your wedding not to handle them after accidentally coughing or sneezing into your hands.  We suggest keeping yourself abreast of CDC developments in order to keep yourself and your guests safe.

We are no longer offering in-person meetings, including any that are already scheduled, until further notice.  We are more than happy to meet by telephone, FaceTime or Skype.  As always you have unlimited access to us via email, phone & video chat.

Anybody with an event during phase 2 may wish to consider postponing in the hope restrictions will relax in the near future.  Many vendors, including ourselves, do not penalize for postponements.  If you are going to proceed with your wedding during phase 2 then you must adhere to the maximum 50 people requirement or you will be breaking the law.

We would suggest preparing yourself for the possibility that some guests may decide not to attend your wedding at the last minute.  This could be because they became ill; they’re travelling from a viral hot spot; or because they’re reluctant to travel by air.  This could be especially true for the elderly and infirm.  If you get to a point where you feel you must make some hard choices about who to invite, please feel free to discuss this with us.

If we should find ourselves subjected to the virus, we will do everything we can to be as minimal a disruption to your day as possible. You may find that the Faded Poppy member you were originally working with cannot attend but another will replace them; if we are all unable to attend then we will have a list of trusted wedding professionals whom we can call upon to step-in and take our place if needed.

We will take extra care when creating and delivering flowers, this will include extra hand washing, contactless interaction and swift exits. Please know that this is for your protection and not because we don’t want to spend time with you.

Our floral wholesaler is able to cancel most items we order last minute but not all.  Please give us as much advance warning as possible, no less than 14 days, if you need to cancel or reschedule your floral order so we can relay this to our wholesaler.

This has not been an easy decision, limiting our contact and implementing some of these restrictions is going to be difficult because of how much we care for each of you. We appreciate your understanding and hope we can get through this together, quickly. 



Faded Poppy Mercantile


We appreciate our new & returning customers and were just beginning to get busy.  But the risk of cross contamination has caused us to temporarily close the Mercantile’s doors – we are continuing to offer our inventory for sale at a new e-commerce site with all purchases being available for USPS or UPS Ground Shipping.

In order to keep our merchandise virus-free we are performing our own strict hygiene regimen and nobody except the two of us are permitted within our store.

The health of our clients, customers, family & friends is paramount, and we thank you for your assistance in our quest to keep everybody safe & healthy.


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.


Thank you very much for your understanding.

Sara & Jason Kite

Faded Poppy

220 Rosser Ave Suite #1, Waynesboro, VA 22980


Opening Hours


Our store location is currently closed due to the Coronavirus - it is our desire to do what we can to keep people safe during this time

Tuesday thru Friday: 11a - 6p

Saturday: 12p - 4p

Wedding consultations are still available by appointment

These will be held by telephone, FaceTime, Skype etc.

Faded Poppy is proud to be LGBTQ+ friendly

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