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In keeping with the fall inspired wedding, I decided to do stamped leaf place settings. I used small typography stamps with black ink but if you have better penmanship then I do, or know the art of calligraphy, this could be done beautifully that way as well.

When you are gathering your leaves look for the freshly fallen, the older they are the more delicate. It helps to have the flatter ones but any shape is fine.

I hope everyone has been enjoying the warm fall weather, it won't be here for much longer. I decided to keep the leaves as my inspiration for many reasons but the most important one for all my DIY or tight budget brides is...they are free. The leaves are so versatile, you can use them for so much and you can pick them up anywhere.

I went for an art deco typography, I thought it softened the rustic nature of the leaf a bit. Press carefully when you stamp to avoid damaging your leaf too much, it will crack a little but that's ok it only adds to its character. I paired mine with some earthy browns and a vintage blue to show that fall colors don't always have to include red and yellow.

I love how the leaves have an aged leather look to them, so I added a pearl lapel pin to finish off the art deco feel of them. The beauty of these is how many different ways they can be done and how easily. It would be beautiful at any event, including intimate family gatherings. S.

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