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Dos & Don'ts for hosting a holiday party

In preparation for my own holiday party I thought some dos and don'ts instead of a DIY project would be more useful during this hectic time of shopping and gets togethers.


send out invites 2-4 weeks ahead of time with a request for RSVP including how to do so.


wait until last minute and get disappointed when nobody turns up.



speak to your neighbors before the party and keep their home, driveway & privacy in consideration. Don't

forget to explain to guests where it's OK to park and to be considerate of your neighbors when arriving and leaving.


Do decide if it's a sit down or loungy party. Don't forget to put out enough chairs for guests and as a precaution have a few extra.


Do prepare as much food as possible ahead of time so you're not rushing last minute and don't forget to cater for vegetarians and those with allergies such as gluten. Don't put out plastic food containers with lids - presenting in a nice dish makes a huge difference and never assume a veggie tray is sufficient.



go the extra mile and use glasses and heirloom tableware. Don't treat your holiday party like a backyard barbecue, ie: bulk paper plates, plastic cups etc.



greet all guests and introduce them to others with a conversation starter. Don't expect your guests to answer your door and introduce themselves.



have fun cocktails for your guests. Don't forget to have fun mocktails for the DDs of the group.

Do have a long saved selection of music prepared and playing for your guests so you're not distracted by having to reload the CD player while entertaining. Don't

play music so loud that conversations are difficult and stick to middle of the road music that appeals to all tastes.



provide a start and end time to your party. Don't

rush people away at the end; enjoy their time while they're with you.



thank your guests in a toast and make them feel appreciated. Don't take them for granted, they could have come to our party instead.

Do have a good time and Don't over stress. S.

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