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Brownies For Breakfast

I won't be sharing a DIY or tip today but instead an online event that I think should be shared and shared again.

I first heard about Chloe through a friend of the family and it just broke my heart, I can't imagine what her mother could have gone through when she lost her baby girl. I do not know the family personally but as someone who has recently gone through my own loss I feel for this mother. It gets me teary eyed every time I think of it or talk about it but the strength and way this mother chooses to celebrate her daughter's life is just amazing. She is sharing her stories of giggles, bedtime stories and without a doubt some of the best pictures of a child I have ever seen. You can actually feel the love and sunshine coming from the photos and her words. I hope you all take a few minutes to read more about Chloe, her mommy and their story. The online event is called Brownies for Breakfast, it is being hosted by Chloe's mommy who sadly lost Chloe a few days before Christmas. On the last day of Chloe's life she asked her mommy for brownies for breakfast, they both shared brownies and smiles. So on February 18, Chloe's birthday her mommy is asking everyone to take a day to just slow down, enjoy your life and the people you share it with. I have been touched by this story and I hope you take the time to read it, join the event and have brownies for breakfast in honor of Chloe, her mommy and all the little ones who bless your life. Below you will find the link to the event page and another link for easy Nutella brownies. S.

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