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Playing in the leaves

I love all the gold & bronze colors and the crisp organic smell of fallen leaves so I put on my boots and ventured outside for a bag of inspiration.

Because of the size of these beauties I decided to make a garland / table runner. All that's required in addition to the leaves is a sewing machine or a needle & thread and some patience.

It's best to use a thread color close to that of the leaves but for instructional purposes I've used white. Start sewing at the edge of the first leaf and continue through until almost at the end then overlap the second leaf. Repeat until your garland reaches a length that you're happy with. Use a straight, medium stitch length to prevent perforating the leaves. When sewing by hand just loop the thread through the overlapping portions of each leaf until securely attached.

The finished table runner wasn't only pretty to look at but also smelled amazing. This could be used to showcase Fall accessories or your Thanksgiving feast or if made in multiples would make a beautiful addition to Fall wedding reception tables.. Be mindful of candle placement because dried leaves could pose a fire risk.

As a garland the leaves can bring warmth to otherwise gray surroundings. Pictured with a bench and rustic vignette it's easy to see how a little bit of nature can become a beautiful first impression at your home or wedding. S.

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